Hi  My  name  is  carl   I  had a massive  head injury on Jan 15,1999.
                                                           It  totally  changed  my life  where i am not the same   and never  
                                                          will be  again. On  of  what happened.  About  9  or 10 pm  on jan
                                                          6, 1999 someone  broke into  my  place   and beat me  up   took a  
                                                          tire iron or  whatever   beat my skull in   leaving  a  8  inch  gash on  
                                                          top of  head   about  3 inches  deep  and  about 2 -3 inches  wide.  
                                                          It  wasnt  till  about 930  next am i was found  one my friends went
                                                          over   and seen a  blood trail   from my home  . Landlord  refused   
                                                          to allow access   finally got in i was  found  in a blood  soaked  
                                                          room  laying in  a coma    with less then   3%  of my blood left in  
                                                          body    was  rushed   to hosp  and concluded  if been  another  30
                                                          min  been to late.  



                                                                        was in  sw general hosp   in cleveland  ohio  for about  13 days   
                                                          they had to  have me  on life support     for about 8  days of that
                                                          time  my heart  stopped   several times   had   constant  bleeding  
                                                          rom ears i wasnt  expected to live let alone walk, talk  or
                                                          even see  out of one of  my eyes.  
                                                          Injuries i  had i  had a  partially sevred   right ear inner  ear bone
                                                          damage  <  have 60%  hearing loss  in that  ear>  partial  sight  
                                                          problems     in  right  eye   bells palsey   which eventually went
                                                          away   motor  movements   in  my left hand  can only type   with
                                                          one finger in my left hand.




                                                After  waking  out of   coma  and  eventually   leaving icu   which i
                                                          was there  for  18  days.  I was  transferred   to   Metro health  for
                                                          rehab treatments.  

                                                          MY ongoing health  troubles  since injury   I  have constant   
                                                          troubles  passing out   am on several  medicines  for  both
                                                          seizures    and  vertigo  all caused  by   the beating ..   I  left  hosp
                                                          too  soon  i was supose stay for 3  months but refused.  



                                                          Since injury  I am unable  to work drs  fear  that i  would get hurt in
                                                          my  trained  field  industrail    welder    and   millwright     
                                                          professions  ive held.  so I am  currently  On  disability    through  
                                                          Social Security    been trying   to work  but  not allowed  and is
                                                          hard  try get work with  most your skills  now  gone.  


                                                  Allot of  people ask  me did  cops caughts the  jerks that did this to
                                                  me  the answer to that is NO Fact  to  matter is this   before all this
                                                  happen the then Landlord  was found in my place  stealing  from me
                                                  and when caught threatened  me  I  never thought anything of a  
                                                  75 yr old man  mouthing off  to me.Later found out  cops  refused  to
                                                  do anything   for reason his  son was  a  strongsville, ohio    policeman.

                                                  if  asked   i  will avoid  the subject  IM  very mad on this  i have  
                                                  to deal with post  traumedic  disorder and all meds i have take   
                                                  finding myself laying on floor on a regular basis  because
                                                  someone decided  to beat me up...  and not  steal a thing ...   below
                                                  is a few pics  of when in hosp.....