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                           EMBRACES OF YOUR SEED

                                                                                    Written by Carl Willson and

                                                                                     Copyrighted on Dec 3 , 2004



                                       Throughout the ages of time families were formed through the love and nurturing

                                      of two loving  parents. Sometimes  is more then that  but the love and kindness has

                                       been shown to all have walked this planet. Granted is those on this  rock we live on

                                      that shouldn't be parents they may have traits and actions that of a criminal. In

                                      those cases actions are taken. But  for me I have the most loving and caring  parents


                                      I could ever hope for both my mom and dad have helped me so much. Has been times 

                                      I have shown I'm not grateful of what they done for me. Now as my parents are

                                      older and need  help I think of  my parents every waking  moment  is times  I'll  sit

                                      here and  cry because I've been  a rotten son to them including  msgs I have sent them


                                     via  email or telephone msgs. I wish so much I was there right now  to hold my 

                                      parents and tell them how much they really mean to me and how much my love

                                      for them I have.Maybe I'm a sentimental fool or whatever else you may want to

                                      call it. But one thing I know is I would never trade a minute of all  love and kindness 

                                      my mom and dad have shown to me they deserve  the parents of  the century


                                      award If I was able to give it to them I would.My love and kindness is so great I would

                                      Trade everything I have including my life.If it would make them happy for rest

                                       of their lives In conclusion I will do what it takes to show my loving parents I love

                                      them  more anything in world and if I do something  wrong  please forgive me I

                                      don't mean to do no harm  maybe I'm just a confused fool  

                                      maybe in time that can be fixed.