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                                                                    CHERISHED NET FRIENDS


                             As we  search the  internet we  come upon  ones that have  touched our hearts  In ways  we
                             might not be able to express  to our friends  or even our own family. We  share our dreams,
                             sadness  joys in life  with these  net friends we have developed. Some might even be friends  we
                             have had  for yrs  or even a short period in time. We may even  have  the pleasure  of meeting

                             them in  person.  They worry   about our  health or  other  things that might be going on in our
                             daily life's. As we get  closer  we  worry what happens  to each other  even more so then our  real
                             life friends or family. Yes  we gained  a friendship  that cant be measured   by time  but the bond  
                             that will last us for rest of our lives. We cherish these  friends     till the end of  time trying to help

                            each other during  our bad  and  good times in life perhaps you talk regularly on  the phone.
                            Cheering each other upon or to just make your day showing  we  care. Yes  these friends  are
                            cherished   and  captured our hearts  when we never  expected  it to happen.. Even if they are  
                            a mother or father figure. So  for many   Our net  friends   will be ones    that  are cherished   till

                            all of time   the love  and compassion  we  cant  compared to the finest gold  or gems  of high
                            quality . Or  precious  metals  we may find  around the  World...


                                                    Written by Carl  Willson on Sept 12, 2006

                                        In Memory of Iris < Queenheart41>