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                                                                  Cherished  Moments



                            We  live  our lives   being helped  by our  parents   and  friends  . As   we   grow older  

                            We   care for our  Parents. As  time  goes on  we  Finding  ourselves  Looking  back 

                            into  time   when  we  were  just a  Lad/Lass   looking  at  Those   cherished  moments  

                            of   life   when everyone  Was full of  energy.  Cherish   all those  thoughts and 


                            Good  times  for  all  to  look back  and   have a  smile  even  at those  emabarrasing 

                            things  we  have done Yes Our love   has grown  deep  with our loved  ones

                            And now  hang on  to   those precious  moments  when everything    was full of life.


                            Copyrighted and written By Carl Willson on 4-30-2006