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                                                                              CHALLENGES IN LIFE

                                                                 written by Carl Willson

                                                                 Dec 5, 2002 Copyright Protected


                            As we  go through life  we have many challenges to go through  maybe you
                            have health troubles. family  or  work  or maybe your caring  for  your ill or
                            aged  parents.. Even  money  could be the root of your troubles  no matter  
                            what your  troubles or challenges might be . Keep your chin  high

                            NO MATTER HOW LOW YOU FEEL always  think of the good in things. If your
                            aged mom  forgets things  when talking to her chuckle to your self well maybe  
                            i shouldn't remember that any ways it was
                            so silly of a thing. Maybe your love life is on  the rocks don't despair  keep

                            searching   and  the right one will come  along .As time passes we  grow within
                            ourselves helping  everyone we may come across even the simple things we
                            will enjoy remembering  old times in past helping  all we touch   ...
                            touching  your friends in ways you may realize not happening . Enjoy  the

                            pleasures of  having friends  and family close to you. for some that's not
                            possible sometimes only  giving  support or letting  someone  cry on your
                            shoulders can do more good  then you may know. let  then enjoy
                            your compassion love and friendship to cherish for all eternity don't take for

                            granted of how much
                            you can help  just be your self  and love everyone  and treat them as you
                            would like to be treated ... love you all and hope your blessings are cherished
                            for all times......