The Joys  OF Life


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                                                               As  we go through life  we  come  across  many things    we  firs  start
                                                                out   as a baby   then grow up  slowly  . First   becoming     A toddler  
                                                                then  eventually  we become  young  adults  then  go on to becoming  
                                                                an adult. During  our  growths into  adulthood  we are  taught  by our

                                                                parents . As we learn  we pickup  traits  from  our  Mother or Father  
                                                                even  the   bad habits .  This  could  include  being  to  much of a busy
                                                                body  or maybe  your dad  smokes   or  perhaps you get your  moms  
                                                                habit of  snacking to much.  No  matter  what  the  little quirks   we

                                                                pickup  from  mom and  dad  its  what makes  us  who we  are  . It brings
                                                                out  the  joys  of life  in us after  we  grow up   and have a family of our
                                                                own. We pass on  to our wee ones   the same  joys our parents   gave
                                                                to us  thus giving  all  generations   even after  we  are gone    the joys

                                                                of life   to our  family and our name   so  the love  and peace  we have  
                                                                goes on to all of eternity. Our great grand kids  will  learn of our life  
                                                                and how  joys  of your life played  a big part.  Perhaps  they  have your
                                                                traits  of  being a  artist  or    of  cooking...   joys  go on   and keeps  us
                                                                alive..... Love  and  peace   to all