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                                                                    POEM WRITTEN BY CARL Willson Protected Copyright 2007


                                                             WE  walk through  life   making  new  friends  sometimes it  takes  years  
                                                            for  us  to meet   but  when we do meet  its  like  we have known each
                                                            other   all of our lives.   Becoming  best of  friends    bringing  joys  to
                                                            each others  hearts . talking to  each other  about our hopes and

                                                            dreams  in life even  helping  each other  during both  the good and  
                                                            bad times bring  joy to each others family   with a simple action of  love  
                                                            and kindness to one another.  Don't give up on anyone in life   the one  
                                                            you may brush off might one day  become your best friend in life.  enjoy  

                                                            love you all  Carl