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                                                   Broken Dreams In The Hearts


                                                                    by Carl F. Willson   April 1, 2006

                                                                    Copyrighted Protected




                                                As  we   go  through  life  We  acquire  many dreams  in  our hearts
                                                Some  may be that  of  having our own family. Perhaps that of  having  
                                                your own   Business  we   are nourished  from a young  lass/lad    to  do
                                                everything  right   and  try to show  our love to one  another.  We  even  


                                                find  what  we  think is  our one  true love. As  time goes on  we  
                                                eventually  find out  that this person  isn't   who we   dreamed of and  
                                                thought  he/she  was It  hurts  us  deeply in our  heart . we feel  our
                                                spirit   has been broken we attempt to pick up  the peaces.

                                                We  eventually   go on   maybe  the support of  our parents  or even  
                                                friends  and siblings.  As  time processes   we find  that   our broken  
                                                heart  has made  us  stronger. We are  able  to go through more as  
                                                time goes on. We begin  to  notice  that  we not as young as we used to
                                                be  and go on each day  as it happens  .

                                                Our  broken dreams  so long ago  is only just a memory now  now  

                                                we  cherish  the love of  friends  and family to  endure  anything
                                                that may hit us  and now we may just laugh  at stuff that used  to
                                                hurt  our heart more  we  could ever  bear  as we used  to think....

                                                We  cherish our hearts  and  give  the  love to ones    not  as  

                                                blessed   as we are  we now  enjoy  life  to its fullest  loving  our
                                                neighbors and friends   to  the best  we are able  to do....

                                                and think back of  how  we used  to   cry at  night   not able to
                                                sleep when our  dreams  were  broken
                                                now we show our love  and  cherish everyone in our lives.....