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                                 I Love You  Dad  




                                     To My father I call dad .Over years you have done more then most
                                      parents will do I have had a lot  troubles  during  my life being  sick
                                     Being in a coma for several days. During everything
                                     You were there for me dad.

                                     We  have had  our differnces in life. I  love you very much more then words  
                                     can say
We have had our fights had troubles dealing with each other at  times.

                                      We are to  much  alike      the good and bad   on reflections of  life   I   

                                      want  to thank you very much Dad for all  You have done to help.  

                                      Your honor to  me  is  

                                      beyond  all  riches  of  the  world . You   cared  for  mom   more  then  anyone can

                                      ever  begin  to  imagine  your  devotion   to family surpasses   anyone ive ever met
                                     in  life. During   the good  and bad times  you been there   for  me..  We  don’t
                                     always agree   but
your  My  father  and  I love you very much If  there  was  a way


                                      I  could make  things  easier for  both of  us  I would  do it in  a sec  no questions  
                                      asked. When  we  had  our business   we  just to joke  around   a lot   laughing  and  
                                      joking around   making life enjoyable.  I  will  and  do  cherish  every moment  you  
                                      been  here  for me  dad…  Your  my best  friend in life  

                                      We  may not live  close  to each other  but  your heart  is   next  to  mine. My  wish

                                      of seeing  you again    in person may not happen    but  I  will always  try   to be
                                      here  no matter  what.    To  my father  who  I  give  the upmost honor  in  all
                                      books or  scholars


                                     Dad I love you   very much.   

                                     Your loving  son Carl


                                      Written by  and CopyRight protected 

                                      By Carl Willson  May 13 2008