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                           Honoring Your Beloved Parents




                In this world of so much hate and violence where people are    hurting

                 each other is one thing that I hold dear to my heart. And will for the rest

                of my life. When we all were growing up allot of us had both a mother and

                 a father to help guide our heart to learn and to do whatís right and wrong

                 Some    have taken paths in the world that some may not  agree upon. But

                 is one thing that stands out. When


                  my parents took the time to show me everything in life it showed to me

                  the honor and hoped one day I would be like them and to respect their

                  wishes in life.  We may not live in the same state or town. But no matter

                  where we may live One thing is certain that is I love my parents more  

                  then I can express or put into words. Sometimes the words I LOVE YOU

                  gets stuck in my throat and I may end up crying


                  cause I canít see the ones  I love in person. I chose a new adventure in

                  life when others have never done before. Even though I have made

                  countless Mistakes along the way or didnít do things the way I was

                  taught by my beloved parents. One thing is  true  even to this day. I

                  LOVE MY PARENTS VERY MUCH. Nothing in the world will change

                  these facts Or stop me from loving my parents they have my deepist honor

                  in my book that anyone could ever have in life.

                Thanks very much mom and dad for being the best  parents possible

                                                I love you very much.

                                                Written and CopyRighted by Carl Willson

                                                September 16 2005