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                           Hearts in  the Wind.


                                            As we walk down road of life our hearts are from time to time
                                            flowing close to the winds.  From love heartbreak family values to life
                                            in general. We eventually find our love in life sweeping us up like a


                                            Windstorm   on the flatlands.  We grow   loving them with all our hearts
                                            never letting  go   we  eventually have kids  raise them   as our parents
                                            did  with us  teaching  right from wrong .  As they grow up   they raise


                                            Their own kids   and as time goes on we notice.  Their hearts  to have
                                            been  swept away  with   the winds   as  the  blows   your  face     and your
                                            hearts  loving  everyone  thatís  been   touched  in your lifeís ....  love and
                                            peace to all

                                           poem  written and Copyrighted   on June  5, 2006

                                           by Carl F  Willson