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                           HONOR  AMONG  FRIENDS



                                                As  we  go through life  dealing with life's  troubles   sometimes  our

                                                troublesome times  can get to us maybe  some of the  ppl  we trust the

                                                most arrant supportive during  our hardships in life. We have  troubles


                                                of where to turn , we  look  towards our friends  from support  maybe its

                                                just  to cry on someone's  shoulder  on  love  money    family matters  no

                                                 matter  the reasons we look for guidance  we  hang  our heads high  and


                                                 try to endure. Sometimes  we may feel  our friends   are being insensitive

                                                 to our needs  or  the troubles  we have. We hang in there   our friends

                                                 may have troubles  also so we try to adjust and help  each other even if


                                                our troubles are severe. during  everything that happens  we notice  that

                                                our friends our like a knight in shinning armor one to be honored and is

                                                very cherished to us..... love and peace to all our honored friends.


                                                this poem   written and CopyRighted  

                                                by  Carl Willson on Feb. 18, 2004