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                           HEARTS OF OUR FAMILY & FRIENDS



                                                As  we   start our lives  after  we  leave   our parents  home.
                                                We  start our life's  and hope  we  can   have a safe and
                                                comfortable life as we had  when we  were  growing  up. We  
                                                start our own family  get married have children maybe  things


                                                don't  go as planed  maybe  we separate or  lose  a loved
                                                one so have  to  raise the children  alone. We rely on  
                                                support of  family and friends   maybe just  putting food on


                                                table is a struggle  2  jobs  might  be needed to keep going
                                                on.  during all of this we try show  our loved ones  our  
                                                positive outlook.  As  our kids  begin to  bloom  into  


                                                adulthood  we  realize    of  how they becoming and sort of
                                                person they will be    and  makes us  gleam  with joy that we  
                                                are doing  what's  needed  to  make the best possible  


                                                person   for  them to conquer  the world.   We now  begin to  
                                                see   we will be alone soon  and wish  the best  for everyone  
                                                around us   and we see our efforts of  love and caring  has  


                                                flourished .  The hearts from the friends and family has been
                                                fulfilled   in everything we have done with love   and joy  
                                                that's endless   for everyone...... love and peace to all

                                                                                 WRITTEN AND COPYRIGHTED  BY

                                                                                         CARL F. WILLSON ON AUG 21,2004