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                                 GRACES FROM DAD




                                                AS,  we  walk through life we start  out  as  as a baby nurtured from our
                                                parents as time passes  we all get older  we may not  do  all we think  we
                                                should in life but  we continue  on .  AS  we  go on  we look over our lifes  and


                                                check out  the joys  our mom and dad has brought us  seeing these joys  
                                                sometimes  catch us by surpise  and we  reflect all the good our family has
                                                done. and  think of  the good   and  thank   our parents  for all they have


                                                done.  reflect   and  thank  your family everyday  for all they have done  
                                                cause you never know when you cant  see your family again. graces from


                                                you dad  brings   joys  to the heart  when you least  expect it  thank him
                                                everyday you can   each day    and  give him the graces  and charm of life.

                                               Written and CopyRighted by Carl Willson on june 27 2007