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                           FRIENDS OF DISTANCE


                                                                  As  we  go through life  making  our  mark in life perhaps  we move
                                                                  around  awhile  while we are trying to find  our  Nitch in life perhaps you
                                                                  move far from home   then eventually move back. During those  journeys

                                                                 we develop Friendships   that  are bonded  for life . Perhaps you have an
                                                                 extended family  sometimes ones   closer then your  real family  whatever
                                                                 the case  as we move on to get our life on course  we leave our new
                                                                 founded friends and family behind  sometimes  its hard to adjust  so we  


                                                                 have  our friends   over  thousands of  miles   . We  continue  perhaps  
                                                                 calling them up late at night  just to say hello  Iím  thinking  about you  
                                                                 asking how their family is  or  doing whatever.  your family is what you


                                                                 make it day to day   and i  hope and cherish   all is well  from your part of
                                                                 the world  enjoy your life and do what you can each day to be the best
                                                                 person possable ..

             Written and CopyRighted  4-11-2007 by  Carl F Willson