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                                 FRIENDS AROUND THE WORLD


                                                                                                 written and Copyrighted

                                                                           by Carl Willson Oct 16, 2001




                                                                        We all  may meet online  we  talk  cry  laugh  pray   we may
                                                                        even fight  with each other. For some of us  all we may  get to
                                                                        do is only see a picture of  who we are  talking to. We may be a
                                                                        few miles away or even across  the ocean. Whatever the

                                                                        case maybe is  we all have bonded  closely to one another we
                                                                        have formed  a bond unlike some  we became  a family. When
                                                                        one of our friends is hurting  we also  hurt! When,  we meet
                                                                        one another in our own little room we may have good news or
                                                                        sad news whatever  the case might be
                                                                        is we have tried to support  each other. Some of us  may even
                                                                        develop real relationships .  Whatever we may do  we bond

                                                                        and  are touched   by ones we have met online  that lasts a
                                                                        lifetime Even though ones we meet may turn out to not

                                                                        be our friend or part of our internet  family in any

                                                                        case we  roll  with our punches  and help each other.

                                                                        Take  care everyone  and just

                                                                        remember  love everyone you meet may not be the way  

                                                                        you want to be loved even if they don't turn  out to be your friend    

                                                                         Poem Page 1Love you  all     Carl