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                               FOREVER FRIENDS

                                                       written and Copyrighted 

                                                                                   By Carl Willson   1-24-05


                                   We walk through life sometimes in  a routine allot of people come and go In our lives.  After

                            time goes by in our lifes we might be going to a movie  going to store.Maybe we are online 

                            chatting playing  a game or what You have.We then meet a new person it might be at a time 

                            we least expect it.we could be going through bad times or whatever the case maybe.We chat 

                             awhile find out we have some common interests maybe you like writing and  cooking or other  

                                   traits.So we begin to share  what  we like and find  have  a common  ground  we begin to  worry about the

                                    other even during a bad day or good  day.You  became  my  friend  for forever helped me even by little 

                                   words   feel special.As I know your my special  friend  embedded  in my heart  who knows  what  the 

                                   future will bring  but i do know you will always be my forever  friend.One  that i can rely on  when things 

                                    are rough. In my writing this I hope this brings a smile to your heart as it did with me.for my forever friend 

                                    to be with me  always  even if  its just  through phone or   computer...  


                                                                    Love you my forever friend