In Loving Memory of Mom

                                                                                        Lola Mae Willson   

                                                                                Dec. 27 1930 - Mar 5 2005

                                                                               I  Love and Miss You Mom




                                                                               1975                                   1985




                                               MOM, I  know  your no longer  in pain    but i miss you so very much I know its  been
                                      yrs  since  you  were  raising me  to be the best  i can when i  put  make   a  meal  to  
                                      nourish my body  .  I  think  of your  showing  me  of how  to   be  a  cook  when i  
                                     clean my body  i  remeber of your  gentle  and loving    teachings  to help  me  when im  
                                     older. When i  look  at  pink carnations  or  a lilac  and other  pretty flowers  i  think of
                                     how  you  kept  the beauty of life  every moment in life    makes me think    of  how you  
                                     done everything  you could  to help  .  Even  when others would be negitive  you were
                                     there for me  always  . I  miss you very much  mom   when you  were  sick  i  would  call
                                     up  just to hear your voice cause i love you i know  i  spent allot on long distance calls
                                     but for me it was worth it .  when i  gaze upon the stars  i think  of your smiles   or if i
                                     misplace  something  i  think  of how you would tease me  and  ask me  a silly question
                                     of  where it was .  your memories of you  growing up  is  close dear  and close to me ...  
                                     I  am  so lost  without you mom you  been my  guiding  light  even  during  your
                                     sickness  i  gained  strength knowing  you  were fighting    being so  sick  i hope i can
                                     be as  strong as you    if  the  time comes  for me as  well. I love you  so very much  
                                     mom....... LOVE CARL

                                               Mom  passed away  on march 5,2005 after battling   Parkinson's  
                                      for 18+ yrs  she was sick with  other ailments  dementia  
                                      she's  resting   peacefully now!

                                      I Miss You So Very Much Mom!