My Parents
Dad & Mom


The Carriage of life

My precious and dear father
You left us all recently you spent all my life helping
everyone you love. From when I was born, to my sisters our
mother and anyone you may
come across on the roads. You taught me
to love our neighbors and not to prejudge ppl to honor my precious parents
Dad, I love you so very much. You Love our heavenly father above
and you cared for mom ,when she was so very sick,your honor for all your acts of
kindness all of these yrs surpasses anything I can ever do in life.
You may not be here
physically on earth no more but your in our hearts till all of time.
You taught us all to do what right in gods eyes
I know ive made a ton of mistakes. But I kept true
to what you taught me to honor everyone in life .
I have a emptiness where I thought of you every day when I would call
you up and say hi dad , how you doing and to say the words
precious light I LOVE YOU. I pray that I can do everything god instructs
me and see you when you wake up and walk out of the carriage
of life and greet your family.The day you do ,I will give you and the rest of
the family a hug with tears of joys flowing
from my eyes. Eternally and forever
your loving son carl


Dedicated in Memory of Allan Charles Willson Oct 9 1932-Nov 24 2009

My Dad


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