Cara My love you mean the world to me so I made another page for you to show my devotion my

vow of love Cara Baby I love you so very much. Your my soul My heart Everything You give me I love

You so very much I need you every second day or nite My love for you is endless kissss my true love

Cara and Carl Forever together. Your Very Special to me Baby I LOVE YOU CARA

I love you honey with all my heart kissses and cuddles forever and ever for you I love You Cara

you mean the world to me I love you Cara Willson with all my heart always and forever.

To  my darling Wife when we met I was shy didn't talk much you asked me lots of questions at first

I was very evasive I would only answer yes or no questions or say im from Oregon or etc then one day

after several days of talking we began to truly talk you had been trying to get my attention for awhile


Then I looked up and said What the hell you doing You have a awesome lady trying get your attention.

Who cares what happen in past so I ignored my hurt from past and truly talked we started to click.

You wanted my love I wanted love but was afraid of being hurt again. Then something happen. I began

to open my heart up was like a light switch I went from being only a casual friend to someone that

cares. I let my heart open up to you. You already told me that you loved me. Then After  a month or

less went by.. I found myself distraught with emotions. I didn't want to admit it to you because I had

told you I was hurt to much in past so friends be good. Then one day that all changed You had been

Been telling me  you loved me giving me hugs n kisses every time you left I would give hugs as well

Then out of the blue I told you that I loved you I think I put tears to your eyes You knew I

 had done what you had been hoping along would happen. Then after that we began to get closer to each

We; began to talk more and more everyday we talk then every night when you get home from work.

I began to show my true feelings My love for you bloomed fast My heart is fully embedded to yours.

You  embedded your heart with mine as well My heart and soul showed my feelings to you never stopping my


Love. Our Love flourished  and just gets stronger to each passing day. My Love I'm Forever Yours!

Your heart and mine beat as one our hearts beat together I am in love with you my love Your love of my life.

Every moment of day and night my thoughts are of only of you my sweet Darling Im in love with you Cara I love you

I need you Im forever yours. my life is devoted to yours.

dedicated to Cara My true  love your husband Carl Willson xoxoxoxoxoxxoxo




My heart beats as one with your heart now when your sad I am sad when your happy I am happy

Everything we do and see in life one heart always together beating together. My Love for you is

constant I give you my undying love opening my heart for you to return the love that's inside of us both

I press my lip to yours  you press your lips to mine we kiss and hold on to each others love uncondtionally.

Everytime I  see you my heart melts like butter I kiss I feel like I am on cloud 9 everything you do gives

me reason to live  just your soft voice your touching my heart melts my heart away They say love

happens when you don't expect it. Im a true believer in that you found me when I wasn't looking now I

wont let you go  I hug kiss  make love with you i made you my wife you made me your husband for life.

everything happens for a reason the reason for us is to be happy we both have pain in past now its our turn.


I'm but a simple guy I goof up on many things everything I do you love me for it I love you for everything.

I say stupid things sometimes you Laugh at my stupid jokes everything I do makes you happy. I love you without question.

your the love of my life I do everything for you our hearts beat as one we fell in love when we didnt expect it.

Now you cant keep us apart. Our love is embedded together forever and ever. We are bonded as one now.

Babe, You have my heart i will never let you go your my wife I need you for rest of our lives. I LOVE YOU..

You mean everything to me your my world... I love you always and forever holding close each day and night.

Two hearts  beat as one  never stopping under no condtions. I love you sweetheart your my true Love.


My  Life is dedicated  to only you now babe I love you so very much

Dedicated to my one true love Cara I love you babe  Carl Your husband

xoxoxoxxoxoxoxxoxoxxo endless kisses and cuddles for my love.