Your love of my life

Cara My love, Your love of my lifeyou mean the world to me nothing

else in the world is as important as you are to me i get frustrated at times

p; cause I'm waiting to see you i want you here so badly so i can love you

for the rest of my life and to give you all the love and kids your heart

desires I am so deeply in love with you that my heart aches to see you

walk in my door and say honey I'm home and give me a big kiss and

hugs. your the one and only one for me forever yours my heart rejoices

every time i see you online I think of you when your gone I think of you

when your here I think of you 24/7honey I cherish you deep in my

heart n soul .... I need you forever and ever....


Perhaps I'm being a silly guy just wanting to  make love to his wife

but I need you so much honey you captured my heart and soul

forever and ever I'll hold you in my arms and never let go of you....

I'm giving you kisses and holding you and cuddling you on bed

or couch kissssI love you Cara Darlinton Willson

your the love of my lifefor ever and ever

xoxoxoxoxox kisses to you baby

CaraI Love You Heart And Soul

I Need You in My Life xoxoxoxoxo

I  Love you Cara Your everything to me