Anniversary PG

For Cara My Wife

Birth Day Pg

Love PG

Dedicated For My love Cara

Angel of light

Cara my love we met upon the internet not knowing we would fall in love you found me when I was at my lowest peak in life

I never figured on falling madly in love with you my dear I ignored all the signs I had the feelings I had deep inside of me I knew

from the start that you were special I wanted to hold you in my arms but I was afraid. I had been hurt so many times before

I didn't know that we would bond so quickly our chats progress quickly close communications every time you left to go offline

I felt empty inside like apart of me was torn apart. One day You was leaving I told you that I loved you I never dreamed I would

tell you this after all I had said friends ... I thought you was crying inside when I told you.. My dear your my angel of light you brought

Back to life. Now I cant live without you I need you in my life. Your my wife now we have a bond that nobody can break apart

we talk of our plans for the future we discuss our new home children travel life the whole ball of wax. I miss you every time

you leave we are apart and miss one another intensely. I wouldn't admit it to most ppl but  I cant live without you my Love

you have my heart and I have yours. Our future holds allot of joy for us to come. We will never be apart again.....

My dear cara I love you with every fiber of my soul  and heart  im forever yours... My heart is yours forever I am showering

you with kisses of love. I LOVE YOU CARA Written for  My wife on Oct 5 2013


Cara The Love of Carl's Life

Two Hearts Beating Together

When I met you this year in 2013 You became not just my friend but my best friend  and the love of my life I was alone

until  I met you  we both have was alone in the world when I talk to you I get silly like as schoolboy  my heart melts when

we talkI have looked for  the perfect woman in life  but didn't think any existed then I met you your the woman ive searched

for all my life. From the start we connected  both had rough times in lif both alone and hurt in all we have done. when I met you

it brought new hope  to  the word of love. Then I fell  head over heels  in love with you  we both are madly in love with each other.

When you are gone my heart is empty inside  when I sleep I dream of just you when im awake im thinking of only you Everything

I do  it revolves around you my love.  I need your love in my life I need your heart next to mine when you come online to see me my

Love my heart and thoughts are like butter over popcorn it is melted. My heart is beating with you everyday you see me. I look

ahead to the future the future is bright it has you in it. We are doing everything a couple in love does romance  family  vacations.

The day I met you my life changed forever you made me the happiest man alive I look up and see you smile I look on my cell phone I see

you there I look on pc your there also everywhere I go your there.  I love you honey im honored to say your my wife and I cant wait to

spend the next 999 years with you.. I love you cara. Every time you tell me you love me it brings tears to my eyes I know you

Love me very much as I Love you also you have shown to me that your a special and perfect woman you laugh at some silly

things I do thanks my love lour my angel of love our hearts beat together showing the world that we are in love.